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Monday, March 09, 2009

Harry Hargreaves' It's a Birds's Life

Something light and cheery for this Monday morning. The following cartoons are from Harry Hargreaves' It's a Bird's Life, reprinted from Punch where the 'little bird', of indeterminate species, appeared for many years.

(* Artwork from It's a Bird's Life © Bradbury, Agnew & Co., Ltd.)


Tim Perkins said...

Thanks for sharing this one with us, Steve.

I agree, what a great way to start the week off.

I remember seeing some of this work, but cannot for the life of me remember, where or when.

Hope you are well.

Best Wishes,

Norman Boyd said...

The Hayseeds was a strip I tripped over when younger and I thought - wow! an English Walt Kelly!

Take a look at

Lovely cartoon further down the page on British class system

Euphrosene Labon said...

Fabulous cartoons from Harry Hargeaves. I don't suppose you have any of his Hayseeds to upload?

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to be studying a bunch of other stuff, but I found a bunch of old bound copies of Punch from when Hargreaves was busiest, and spent hours leafing from volume to volume getting glares from other students as I giggled my way through all his cartoons.

Patricia said...

I loved Harry Hargreaves cartoon "Budge & Co" which was in the Reveille many years ago. Anyone know if Budge is still available to download?taskuhc 23